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August 2007
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That river is completely hopeless! I had hardly any luck at all. I managed to get a few, but they're quite small. I'm glad I don't have to take any fish to the Aristocrats.

So, um, Mr. Itachi? I'll be willing to help you out if you'll help me get food. I'm not good at much, but I can do my best at whatever you'd like.

This is really the first time I've gone very far in this city. Everyone talks about monsters so often, and I didn't really see anything like that? Perhaps I was lucky? I'm sure I heard those terrible imps, though. The way they shuffle and whisper... there's enough mess here to have attracted them, I'm sure of it.

((ooc: strikes pretty legible, I suppose. XD))

This place scares me. Is it the place that is driving people mad, or is everyone already crazy when they come here? The things Diana was saying, though, I don't understand them at all!
Isn't Wendy the crying girl with the rabbits? None of those aristocrat girls would listen to her, surely.
I realize that I can't stay hiding here. I have nothing to eat, but I'm not sure how I'd find anymore.
Please, is there anyone who can help me find food?

It seems like many people have gone missing these last few days. Why did the Gods take them away? I wish I had a better place to hide, but I'm no good at figuring things out on my own. If only Brown were here... he'd find us a safe place with no trouble at all!

I... I'm not sure where I am again. It's as dark as the airship, but I'm outside... so it can't be. Whatever is happening to me, I can't understand why. Where is Brown? Why am I alone? I should find somewhere safe, I don't know what will happen to me this time.

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