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August 2007
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Jennifer [userpic]

I... I'm not sure where I am again. It's as dark as the airship, but I'm outside... so it can't be. Whatever is happening to me, I can't understand why. Where is Brown? Why am I alone? I should find somewhere safe, I don't know what will happen to me this time.


Look who's here...Oh Jennifah...

Oh, Diana! You're here as well, then?

Hmm, I've been here dear Jennifah...and I've been ever so bored...

But...you're here now...aren't you?

But.. where exactly is here? Are we supposed to just wander around the streets like this, or have I just gotten myself lost?

Well...we're supposedly all here to be punished...we're supposed to live here till we're deemed as fit to move up....

Mmm, careful about that wandering around the streets bit...there are monsters about...